Ulthuan Civil War

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Sessions: ~17?


Preview – two shipwrecked survivors and a team of Shadow Warriors band together to eliminate an assassin in their midsts before fleeing inland to warn their country of impending invasion

Session 1 – Shaz meets a crazy elven noble in the woods and a less-obviously crazy Shadow Warrior. Hijinks ensue.

Session 2 – Our ragtag group travels to the great Phoenix Gate and warn a very unhappy garrison commander of the invasion. This elf soon learns not to like us and sends us to the Tower of Hoeth.

A manticore ambushes us, but we somehow manage to slay it, much to the dismay of professional manticore hunter X of House Y, who flies in on his pegasus, says something snooty, then flies away.

Session 3 -  Tower of Hoeth! We meet an insane fire mage, return a message to the garrison commander about how he's not getting any help, then return to the tower. There, we decide to accompany the mage on a trip to find a pearl.


Session 4 – Something with a pearl? A forest? Shaz suggests we not attempt to slay a dragon. The party accidentally stumbles into the dragon. Hilarity ensues with minimal deaths. The dragon's best friend stumbles along just in time to cry. We go to the Everqueen and exaggerate.


Session 5 – ~ Everqueen! She dies. Her daughter is not happy. We leave to bring the pearl to across the sea to the Asrai, but have to go through the woods and a tunnel pass.

Session 6 – Our Hoeth Spearmen are not having a good time. This is because they're dying to spiders, wolves, and some members of the group suggest their new role is cannon fodder. Shaz was a spearman and disagrees with this role.

Encounter in the tunnels. Turns out the Goblin Raiding Party led by big guy Y is there. Barely successful. Everybody gets beaten up.


Session 7 – "Don't go forward!"

"I'll be fine! I'm a fire mage!"

Then Shaz has to rush in to save the day against 50 goblins. Luckily, only about a dozen can hit him at one time. The rest of the group is impressed/terrified and decide to stall for three minutes, hoping Shaz doesn't die. He doesn't. But our Swordmaster sent by the princess? He does. The rest of the party comes in to mop up/share the credit in defeating a goblin warband. Shaz suffers from insanity after being surrounded and beat on until his armor is literally falling apart around him.


Session 8 – "A castle! We're saved!"

Not quite. It's under siege. The garrison commander leaves the party to defend the outpost while he takes his men to clear a path for a supply train. He arrives at the provisions post and reports of his plan. The provisions commander likes the plan so much he leaves the garrison behind to clear a path to the coast.

Meanwhile, the party has to suffice with a suicidal slave army pounding on the walls for four days while the dark elves prepare dark magics and a hydra to storm the castle. They do. Shaz guards the rear for the first day but decides to abandon the post since it is holding… and there's a hydra murdering his friends.

Snooty hunter noble says hello! Then he says goodbye! He helps scout and murder a witch elf.

Somehow, they survive . Then a supply group comes back. Shaz's party moves towards the coast while this particular invasion force is broken apart.

Session 9 – The party believes Shaz to be a capable boatsmen.

He is.

They believe he routinely captains a boat.

He doesn't, but he is a capable commander.

They believe he can command a ship and its crew.

He can.

They believe he can commandeer a boat from the Lothern Sea Guard and take it across the Great Sea to the Old World to bring the Bane Pearl to the Asrai.


In thanks for the party's efforts and successes, snooty noble lends them his ship.

Shaz sneakily pilots the ship towards Caledor, because going to the mainland is insane. Also, he outraces several dark elf boats that are chasing him and sinks one or two. It's pretty heroic.

Session 10 – Caledor! House Althedor or whatever it's called is there. I think. And we plan to do things.

Too bad the noble's son is insane and has spent his days beating women, then getting beaten up by women, then accidentally letting dark elf infiltrators get everywhere, and generally sullying the name of House Altredor. Shaz's new outfit now sucks.

Meanwhile, we travel somewhere to visit a dragon for our mage. This'll end well!

Session 11 – It goes badly. Turns out dragon is sick, but it's better than dealing with a military tribunal that doesn't like the antics of our crazy Shadow Warrior who is either a) looking like a Dark Elf (he isn't) or b) looking like a war criminal (he is). It can't get any worse, right?

Session 12 – Dinner with a dragon prince's retainer. 

It gets worse.

Shadow Warrior doesn't show up to dinner. This is for the best.

Party does its best to not make him look like a war criminal. This turns out to be impossible. Retainer asks the captain of the castle guard who followed us across the ocean to duel against our named champion to determine if further investigation is necessary.

Our fire mage feels strongly about defending our war criminal's honor. Shaz is uncertain if that's the best idea, but trusts the insane mage and the heroic captain of the guard, so he decides to take a nap.

When he wakes up, it turns out the heroic guard captain murdered the mage during a moment of weakness, then was immediately shot down for his crime. Shaz's group is now down two members and has a third wanted for war crimes, who has conveniently taken a stroll back to the dragon caves.

Session 13 – Insane fire mage is reincarnated in the dragon's cave by a big old wizard, but the cost is the destruction of the bane pearl. Also, all dragons hate him for his crime against dragonanity/dragonkind. Then they return.

Shaz is surprised to see them return. The necromancer told him he accidentally burned his friend's body instead of returning it to the Tower of Hoeth, so it's an unpleasant meeting.

They return to House Altrudel. A bum joins the group!

Then he fights it!

Shaz figures he'll fit right in and walks away. Then the retainer returns to the House to make a visit. Shaz orders the insane mage and Shadow Warrior to stay out of sight.

The Shadow Warrior walks up and loudly proclaims his innocent to the visiting retainer. The fire mage flies from a tower, igniting fire balls and loudly proclaiming in explosions, "WELCOME TO HOUSE ALTRUDEL!"

Now we have to go and visit the dark elf homeland. This is why Shaz does the talking.

Session 14 – Crossing the ocean. Our fighters get upset that Shaz doesn't stop to fight the murderous dark elves that outnumber us at least 8 to 1. It's a safe crossing.

Session 15 – Blockade Running! I don't run our ship aground!

Session 16 – Vampires suck.

Figuratively speaking.

We stop people from starving. we're still all probably going to die. Lots of dark elves. Also, the group is getting better.

A phoenix guard arrives! He rocks! He's the best bodyguard ever. He's better than the loud one. He never talks! He deserves a promotion.

Session 17 – COMING SOON!






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